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Every client wants to know why they should pick you for their project over your competitors. Quote Eaze's professional quote design and layout will give you that edge.

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Create a Winning Proposal

Every detail matters when bidding for a job which is why our intuitive quoting platform allows you to create comprehensive proposals in just a few clicks, anytime from anywhere! Access quotes on the go, on-site, in the office or on the road.

Quoting for Trades and Builders

Easy TAKE OFFS & Markups

Measure Plans in Minutes

QuoteEaze lets you quickly and accurately measure and markup plans in minutes and add quantities and estimates to your quote Items seemlessly.

  • Area Tools
  • Volume
  • Length
  • Count
  • Markups


Repond to Clients before your competition

Our step-by-step quote wizards allow you to auto-fill in client details and use existing client data to quickly produce an accurate quote in just a few clicks! Saving time quoting, means more time for yourself or other projects

Quoting for Trades and Builders

Simple and intuitive

Standardise your Quotes using Templates

You can create and send your first quote in a matter of minutes, adding additional customised templates as you go. Upload your plans, measure and price on-screen all in one simple step. Once you have refined your templates, quotes can be created in just a few clicks. Fast, modern, intuitive.


Track Emails and Replies

Keep track of client communications and emails all within the  Quote.  Having an audit trail of all requests from the client ensures your Quote is correct and up to date.

See when the message has been delivered and read.  The client can reply and the email will be attached automatically to the Quote.

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